#AdidasSelect Session I: Class of 2022 Frontcourt Recap

by Spencer Pulliam

January 25 2017


KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. – The Adidas Select Series provided an excellent stage for a number of teams and players to showcase their talents, and despite their youth, perhaps the deepest pool of talent on the event’s opening weekend were the grouping of post prospects from the class of 2022. There were several intriguing players, all with bright futures, that provided memorable performances at Session I. Here are a handful of those prospects and what to expect from them in the future… 

I cannot deny my excitement in watching a potentially elite prospect in action before high school. Trained eyes can see talent and ability begin to take shape before most, but other times, the signs are obvious. Meet Henri Adiassa. A native of Cameroon, the explosive forward has a 6-foot-8 frame, and runs the floor with ease. According to his New World coaches, the young post prospect has progressed at a rapid rate since arriving in the United States, and is motivated to improve. At this stage, his defense is ahead of his offense, and his production comes primarily due to his size and athletic advantages. However, Adiassa has good hands as well as a natural feel for the game, and is currently tracking near the top of the 2022 class depth chart. Needless to say, his opening chapter was written at Session I of the Adidas Select Series, and he’ll be monitored closely as he continues to add to his story. 

The son of former Long Beach State standout and USA Basketball selection, Rebecca Hagerdon (Filipowski), Matthew Filipowski already stands 6-foot-6 in seventh grade and looks as if he may ultimately grow into a seven-foot frame. His fluidity is passable, and although not particularly explosive, he showed the ability to transition end-to-end while competing on both sides of the court. The New York native can finish with his back to the basket, and despite not being a focal point of his team’s offense, he takes advantage of his opportunities with the ball and is a capable passer. Twin brother, Kyle Filipowski, is a 6-foot-2 perimeter prospect. 

One of the strongest and most aggressive players in attendance at Session I of the Adidas Select Series was bruising post prospect Joseph Medlin. He competes with a rugged confidence, plays to his strengths (quite literally), and understands that he is most productive around the rim. The powerful big man is not a high-flyer, but skillfully gains position below the rim, and uses his imposing frame to fight through contact from longer and more explosive players. His productive weekend earned him much acclaim as one of the most intimidating players in the 2022 class. 


Few players offered the combination of size and skill displayed by TJ Power during Session I of the Adidas Select Series. The versatile forward looked comfortable operating on the perimeter, where he flashed shooting touch and passing ability, but also exhibited toughness by way of his effort on the glass. He’s not flashy, but Power is extremely effective, and can impact the game on both ends of the floor. It’s fair to count him among the better sleeper prospects on the weekend as he’ll surely receive more attention for his play in the near future. 

It’s a testament to how rapidly Vindell Witherspoon is improving that his own program didn’t list him among their best prospects entering Session I of the Adidas Select Series. His brisk ascent from potential to production is not likely to indicate a peak to his development, as Witherspoon’s athleticism remains on the incline, and he continues to show hints of improvement with each game. His overall skill set in the paint, both facing the rim and with his back to the basket, are areas for advancement that should elevate both his confidence and game in time. 


Spencer Pulliam

Spencer Pulliam is the National Scouting & Recruiting Director for The Prep Insiders. Born and raised in North Carolina, he has 12 years of industry experience in youth basketball, and is respected as a nationwide leader in the field. See the 'About Us' page for Spencer's full bio.