Canadian Prospect Adds Name To Elite List In 2021 Class

by Spencer Pulliam

October 26 2016


PIERREFONDS, Qc - Earlier this year, Canadian prospect Georges Lefebvre was an unknown in most hoops circles within his country, but that changed quickly following his play at a few local tournaments. Now, the class of 2021 forward is looking to establish himself as one of the top prospects in North America before hitting the high school ranks, and Lefebvre is well on his way…


Standing 6-foot-7 and weighing in at roughly 200 pounds, it isn’t difficult to spot Georges Lefebvre standing among his peers. After watching him play, the differences between the talented Canadian forward and most young teenagers become even more evident. Simply put, Lefebvre is arguably the best Canadian prospect in the class of 2021 at the moment, and his story is fairly unique.

Lefebvre was enjoying the game at the recreational level in his hometown of Montréal in Canada’s Québec province until about the age of ten years old. It was around that time when Lefebvre’s advantages of his peers became glaringly obvious, and word quickly got out to those involved at more competitive levels of youth hoops. He was recruited to play for Brookwood Elite and has spend the last two years playing with the Adidas-sponsored organization.

Similar to most growing up in Québec, Georges is bilingual speaking both French and English, and made the transition to travel basketball with little difficulty. The blossoming forward is still developing his game and basketball personality, and according to his father, is a thoughtful and well-spoken young man.

“He’s the typical kid,” said Aymerie Lefebvre. “He loves basketball and he’s got a keyboard and some software in his room. He calls it his rap studio, and that’s where you can find [Georges], when he isn’t hanging out with his friends”. 

It’s on the court where Lefebvre is far from average. He brings tremendous versatility and energy to the floor and provides an interior presence as a rebounder. Ultimately, Lefebvre wants to be a full-time perimeter player, and is working to expand his game outward. He’s currently focused on improving his ball-handling ability and jumper while working with his coaches and trainers to become quicker with his lateral mobility. Overall, Lefebvre is an excellent all-around player, and brings many attributes to the hardwood.

Earlier this summer, after a strong showing at the CP3 Rising Stars Camp, Lefebvre’s father said his son became motivated to take his game to the next level. His play at the event earned the Canadian a spot in the Top 40 All-Star Game despite his status as a 2021 prospect.

“In Canada, Georges would be called a Grade 9,” Aymerie Lefebvre explained. “So when we arrived at the Chris Paul Camp, it was surprising that he was one of the younger players there. It came as a shock for him to be selected for the [Top 40] All-Star Game but I think his [playing] well versus the best older players helped his confidence immensely.” 

This year, Lefebvre is slated to play on the varsity roster for Collège Beaubois, and will be expected to fill a huge role for his team. As he continues to work to expand his game to the perimeter, Lefebvre should be considered a hybrid forward, with advanced versatility for a player of his age and grade. Expect to hear much more from the talented Canadian in the future as he is certainly worthy of being included among the conversation of elite prospects from the class of 2021.


Spencer Pulliam

Spencer Pulliam is the National Scouting & Recruiting Director for The Prep Insiders. Born and raised in North Carolina, he has 12 years of industry experience in youth basketball, and is respected as a nationwide leader in the field. See the 'About Us' page for Spencer's full bio.
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