KnoxVegas: Class of 2022 Standout Performers (Pt 2)

by The Prep Insiders Staff

April 10 2018


KNOXVILLE, TN — The results are in the books for the 10th annual KnoxVegas Heat Invitational, as the event recently wrapped up another memorable year. Here is part two of the Standout Performers list from the Class of 2022, featuring a handful of prospects to remember with their high school journey set to begin in coming months. 

BrandonMillerThe RSD Red squad was one of the strongest 15U teams on display at #KnoxVegasHeat2k18 and were consistently led by Brandon Miller on both ends of the floor. The 6-foot-4 wing brought a ton of versatility to this team and, in many ways, is their secret weapon. His ability to score efficiently from all over the floor made him one of the best performers of the weekend. He rebounded at a high level and took pride in his play on defense, where he was able to force one turnover after another through utilization of his length. Miller is quite productive right now, but his best basketball is ahead, and he’s another intriguing prospect to monitor for continued growth during the travel circuit season. 

ReidSatterfieldEOTO seemed like the surefire bet to win the #KnoxVegasHeat2k18 eighth-grade division, going undefeated in pool play behind the consistent scoring of Reid Satterfield. The 6-foot-3 wing understands the game and displayed an interest in creating opportunities for his teammates while still hunting for his own looks. Satterfield has a quick trigger and isn’t shy about letting shots go from all three levels. He’s definitely a volume shooter but he won’t shoot his team out of a game, as he has the ability to readjust and hurt teams in different ways. Satterfield needs to improve his overall explosiveness but his game should be expected to evolve as he continues to mature physically. 

PerrySmithPerhaps the most intriguing prospect at #KnoxVegasHeat2k18 regardless of class was Perry Smith. The Class of 2022 forward was one of two middle school talents ‘playing up’ in the high school division, and as a member of Team United’s 15U squad, Smith was the only junior high prospect to compete in 16U field. Simply put, he was ready for the challenge. Not fazed by the competition, he played with a focused mindset and did a great job of impacting all facets of the game without requiring many offensive touches. Standing 6-foot-7, the Augusta, Georgia native has incredible upside given his physical gifts and fluidity as an athlete. Smith plays hard, especially on defense, and is often rewarded by forcing turnovers with his heady play. Only time will tell how talented Smith will become, but he is currently tracking as an elite member of the Class of 2022 nationally, and has already shown the ability to make a serious impact on the high school level. 

JoseRodriguezThe #KnoxVegasHeat2k18 event was our first viewing of Jose Rodriguez and his ETB supporting cast. Rodriguez is still overcoming the language barrier but certainly displays natural basketball ability. Offensively, the 6-foot-1 guard used his strength to beat guys off the dribble and finish strong. He shot the ball fairly well on this particular weekend but looked most comfortable driving the lane off the bounce. Most of his penetration looks result in sharp dump-off passes to the big man. Rodriguez has a nice feel for the lead guard position, but he will have to improve his vocal leadership in order to maximize his abilities on both sides of the ball.

JamarWilliamsOne of the most exciting teams on display at #KnoxVegasHeat2k18 was Upward Stars York County, one of the many long-time representatives of South Carolina talent. Jamar Williams quickly emerged as one of the most intriguing prospects from this squad, given his 6-foot-4 frame and ability to properly utilize it. Williams has a versatile skillset but will need to transition to the perimeter over the next year, unless he adds the necessary height and strength to morph into a rim-running big man. He is a fluid athlete that runs the floor well and knows how to switch across multiple positions on the defensive end. Williams’ progression will be a fun one to monitor, especially if he continues growing physically.


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